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June 2016

UN Peace Ambassador Conference

Engagement and Commitment: Solidarity and Peace in the Tercentenary” was the presentation of Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar in Buenos Aires City for the monthly Ambassadors for Peace meeting on July 10 at the UPF-Argentina Peace Embassy. With more than 40 years of experience in the social sphere and being an Ambassador for…

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Dr Hunter on Radio

Dr Hunter on Radio Encouraging Christians and individuals to stay strong in faith, love and friendship. His teaching on radio really impact a lot of live as many have been transformed. On Radio doctor talks about Jesus Christ, the sole focus of the gosple

Dr Hunter Preaching Grace to the Church

Dr Z.O Hunter Senior Apostle & General Overseer of The Star International Church & Zohunter Ministry teaching the very pure grace of God from the Bible. Dr is a well educated Apostle who has spent years of his life study and mastering the word of God by the help of the Holy Spirit. He teaches…

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